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Greener Grass

by Jostaberry

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Uncompressed audio on replicated CD. Comes in a beautiful Digipak designed by Ryan Rothaus.

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this cat wants out fly ointment chasing in clouds run and track small beetles feathers fixing lurid corpse on offer ok recliner spin and cook another day leap through verdant port sly feline retort poised for the pounce high above us wish they could laugh where did they go? vet appointment time to sleep long this cat wants out fly ointment chasing in clouds
Zeus 05:26
here comes old Z questioning me hey Zeus did you bolt this time? yo Zeus will you walk with us? where do you go? what do you know? what can you show? where do you go? hey Zeus - are you gonna hide in the tree? crazy boy - are you gonna stay out until the daylight? hey Z - let me think now cuz I don’t know what you’re drinking (uh yeah sure) try to find a view again - you scratch into the sky we really like your smell would you ever tell us if you cared if you care? I know you go through hell we saw your furry friend down by the squash over round there they all know you like a cousin over on Kentucky road and St. Clair through the wind I hear you jingle can you come and make me laugh about so and so? did you change your form? are you brewing up a storm? did you find your way through? you have to move kind of slow kind of moving deliberate now you’ve got to feel that you know that the stealth works in your favor and now today the city stops in its tracks indivisible we’re hiding out by the stone by the things you left behind Zeus do you know I have to drive to the east like a mountain man?
shadows on the grass watching alive again we're listening the indigo zone swallows night into morning climbing bark and stair sunlight peak drink to the dark a cascade pool we're all alone with everyone until sundown let go let's go up for light patterns in my my skull you know you'd know no fear of the sting evergreen and sky head over town and coming down again remember
Nocturne 03:43
let them go it’s a blue time now over the tree but I’ll be there for you tonight it’s alright here drift in-to the space changing all the same place another face animal connect invisible go enter shifting skies liquid eye we can heal it but I can’t feel this let us go it’s a new time dew lining the grass I’ll be there again tonight a long flight one pulsing light to call you over two targets uncertain three glowing creatures in caressing breeze one two three hold with me go sparkling drink try not to think it’s OK, it’s our way can you feel this time?
look out head fake fascist bastard complex we know their days are numbered don’t give up on me take some breaths and reload hey, the sky is looking rather angry I am too but look, the birds are circling my head and locomotion hear the falling leaves and hidden thunder blunder over in cold misty hues panic attack - nothing secret tableau - nothing energy suck - empty had to let go static attack - nothing secret tableau - nothing energy suck - all things gotta let go maybe you hear - something slip in my back - one thing why don’t you go - hunting for dead lingual cues green dream stay with no loathing lose fright myth come new scenery look out head fake that’s their story now panic attack secret tableau look at the cats, they will leap through garden grass
Maze 03:13
I know I - I know I need to stop clocking your door it’s just a way to pass time you say you - you said you don’t need to hear any more we haven’t discussed it at all one statement, no erasing wanted to chase it, so much time she didn’t care that we went into the maze no time no (rhyme) - they’ll laugh cuz we found a new way to the floor it’s not too late to stand up come back come back – back to change, I don’t know what it was for I know I need to be here one flagrant mistake meant there was another line to pass we wouldn’t know if we were out of the maze
All Ears 04:42
head into the sunshine if you really want to go there it’s alright with me they were plotting some solution on the rising sea a friend there, a smile to spare a party, won’t you watch me think standing on the train we gathered up our old crew we can sleep in on the boardwalk peaking by the bay nothing’s every really finished drown it every day welcome to class year twenty I think we’ll pass for forty I’ll see waiting in the hall I’ll see, and you looked through me and I’m tearing apart and stopping and starting soaking up points of view and tunneling through and I have to explain it study and fold and I’ll never perfect it now we can wake up for dinner I guess we’re all the winner holding in the rain and we’re running away and there’s nothing to say thought connecting with you was the right thing to do and I can’t protect it from terrible times try to accept it now
Someone Else 04:04
three four five still alive treading water we couldn’t bother finding another place to go look for some kinds of things to grow I dip my head in water cleaning slate for other thoughts of connecting to if I could be someone else we might spend some days this way waiting for something else to say treading water I’ll get out of my way we’ll get out of the way let’s get out of the way
Never Always 05:24
flying solo(w) this morn the solidarity of feeling is torn I’ll be patient when you implode doesn’t matter if I don’t agree kick back let the air clean us up never will go back into that world I salute my friends atop the wall hang on a sec I’ve got a call don’t think it’s really true that you thought it through run in circles like you said we would do sit in car and drive and drive around the empty streets feel alright wait it out wait promise to hear you out this time you’ll never wait back of my line we walked right through without a sound I won’t kill myself when I’m down I won’t run away when you look – let’s go
another day to fill the headspace you shuffle a bit, refuse to sit you want to try to make a late show the pleasure is mine, neon is fine you ever stop inside the old house? face down no bet, it make you sweat it doesn’t matter if you’re gloomy we welcome you to sit one out in the fixed America time isn’t everything isn’t everyone passing through my window wasted human fence if you find another view just let them know you crack a smirk around the chainmail hasty foot, what a load off me we wouldn’t joke about a coal train lighting up the upper margin she feeling bolstered by the turnout the spicy grub at the bustling hub it never tells you when it’s over and they welcome us to turn away from the fixed transnational doom
The Bus 05:04
heard a story last year two cats found space inside our tree one hundred years of standing isolation in the group but the roots are all connected try this try that try away from home away from disconnected rats salvage scraps of ideals and ideas then came you and the question running free from the fear of the fall make a statement now grow our power how to be a continual process never doubt we’ll escape this mess high to trip the bus nothing can be said to destroy us when we see the delusion sort our petty gripes and confusion every day a way not me us today live in the present shining drop the tired insufferable cool how to trip the bus nothing can be said to destroy us now I’m flying and now we’re flying again as under and below cool air makes my acquaintance now I’m flying now we’re flying again as above so below thanks for the cookies my friend


Greener Grass is the debut album from Bellingham, Washington’s Jostaberry (pronounced “yostaberry”).

An unpredictable 50-minute swim through contrasting experimental rock and pop zones, this collection of lo-fi songs remains unified by subterranean musical and lyrical ideas.

"standout and interesting" - Playmaid
"unique and experimental sound" - Northwest Music Scene
"rich and stunning vocals" - Keep Walking Music
"unique and fascinating" - Niche Music

"I give this a HUGE thumbs up. When I hear stuff like this, it intrigues me and I learn from it. This is one of the best of the year.” - Dereck Higgins (dereckvon on YouTube)

"...always twisted and tweaked toward the art side of the spectrum. There are various sounds represented here from fusion to King Crimson styled sounds, Beatles-like moments, things that call to mind Billy Sherwood and much more. This is an ever changing sonic tapestry that always seems to fit together somehow. It's also always compelling, even when it gets strange." - Music Street Journal

"...a one man wrecking ball out of the Pacific Northwest with designs on tearing down your preconceptions of what art/avant garde/prog rock is supposed to be. On their debut album, Greener Grass—an almost hour-long worth of twists and unpredictable turns—an alluring and seductive piano part can segue seamlessly into a disconcerting but appealingly schizophrenic detour or a grinding assault with a catchy melody can leave you grinning in satisfying disbelief. That’s what this one’s all about" - Kiko Jones (5 blog)

"Prog-rock lives and amplifies in this fabulous little ditty of gargantuan attitudes....With the illusive and undulating vocals parting shots of barbs and diatribes, the story becomes complete in the melding goodness of this rockin’ pop." - ComeHereFloyd on All Ears


released August 29, 2020

All music and words by Jostaberry

Guitar solos on Here on the Ground by Mark "Lupe" Hamilton
Guitar solo in Never Always by Ԉtropy \/acuum

Mastered by Dave Richards at the Sound Farm, Bellingham, WA.

Cover art and design by Ryan Rothaus.

Tangy Citrus Records (NJ)


all rights reserved



Jostaberry Bellingham, Washington

Experimental art rock project. It's eclectic.

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